Britannia (update)

Well, wasn’t that day fabulous – I can’t believe it’s been a week already! The sun was out, the red carpet installed and freshly vacuumed. The Queen arrived, with Prince Philip, looking wonderful and relaxed. We heard the speeches, watched the dancing, listened to the Pipers – and Britannia was named, quite simply that! Well done – and God bless her and all who sail in her!!

Britannia 7 march

Britannia before the naming ceremony

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Britannia is on her way!

The Countdown Has Begun…

Yes, it’s official! Britannia has left the Italian Shipyard and is on her way to the UK. She will arrive in Southampton on the 6th March. P&O can be proud of their newest creation, and so can the thousands of customers booked on her already…

I can’t wait to see her and will be dropping into Southampton over the weekend to get a pic. Watch this space!

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P&O Departures from Southampton

Rumour has it that from this April P&O will be keeping to the timings for embarkation and will no longer have the buffet open, possibly to discourage people arriving early.

However, I also understand that Fred Olsen doesn’t offer a buffet lunch on departure dates anyway, just a few sandwiches – but isn’t that what I’d have anyway, if I ate at home?

P&O Oceana

P&O Oceana, looking lovely in the midday sun!

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Happy New Year!

I just want to wish everyone who has visited my blog, posted comments or generally offered advice and support, a very Happy New Year – let’s hope 2015 will bring health, happiness and prosperity for us all!


Happy New Year

Happy New Year from us both



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Aurora, June 2011

This is one of the most memorable cruises we have enjoyed. It’ s the furthest north I’ve been! The scenery is simply spectacular and we were so lucky with the sunshine.

Locals, scientists mostly, told us that this was the warmest day of the year so far. I bet they monitor the weather closely on what has to be one of  the most remote islands on the planet. It has the potential to become an inhospitable place in seconds, I’m sure.

Few people live here all year round –  the population increases dramatically in Summer months, notwithstanding the 80-odd visits by cruise liners a year.

Aurora in the bay

Landing by tender only

You can walk round the settlement, and on one of the tracks leading out of town, there is a warning sign  – not to go further without a gun. Now there’s a thought to mull over your G&T before the excellent meal  being prepared back on board.



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Norwegian Cruise Line special offer…

Having lunch in Brugges

Having lunch in Brugges

Wow – these guys are offering free cruises for up to 6 if you and your partner / spouse / significant other pay full price! They can be children or adults, but I’m not sure if they need to stay in the same cabin.

I’m still trying to figure it out, but thought I’d pass on the good news!

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Royal Princess on TV

I found this on one of the forums – copied  from

Princess Cruises is to appear in a primetime four-partfly-on-the-wall documentary on ITV.

The cruise line has revealed that camera crews were given behind-the-scenes access to Royal Princess after it was launched last year by the Duchess of Cambridge.

The results will appear in four episodes of The Cruise Ship, though broadcast dates have yet to be announced.
Paul Ludlow, Princess Cruises managing director for the UK & Europe, said the line was given no editorial control over the series.

But he believes the results will provide a boost for the cruise industry in general, and Princess sales in particular.
“This is the single biggest thing happening for cruise this year as far as I’m concerned,” he said.
“This idea has been in the pipeline for a while now and it quickly became something very exciting.”

He added: “It will show the cruise industry in a really positive light and demonstrate the incredible experiences our guests have on board. Our crew are the stars of the show and it reflects how hard they work.”

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Princess Royal (update)


Restaurant decor

Décor in one of the Main Restaurants

Well! for all those of you who saw it, I trust you found it as entertaining as Martin and I did?

For those of you who didn’t see it, we agreed that the view from ‘the other side’ was fairly well put across. I mean, I’m sure it isn’t easy keeping Guests happy all the time – some people are only happy if they are moaning about something, but to attempt it with such good humour (….MOST of the time) was sympathetic and thoroughly enjoyable!

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